Grass isn’t always greener on the other side!

After a lot of hunting for some new topic finally I got one on my mind. It might be critical but it is just a known fact ignored by all of us.

Just another holiday, lying down on a sofa and watching an English movie. Suddenly, out of nowhere a thought just strikes my mind. Isn’t it funny, how everything looks better when it is in Hollywood and the same thing or even better things shown in Bollywood are criticized?

We appreciate how an alien who just looks like a man becomes a superhero on earth in a Hollywood movie whereas we just can’t accept when an alien who looks like an alien lands from some spaceship and becomes a hero on earth in Bollywood. Why? Just because it is an Indian movie? Just because we never thought an Indian director could make something like this? Just because we are used to watching movies with some masalas, we can’t try something new?

We never think how a Batman can get his costume anywhere when he wants to act as a superhero but we criticize when Krrish just acts as a superhero even in his usual outfit? The only reason behind this is just that we have created a mindset that Hollywood is the best and whatever they do is acceptable but when Bollywood tries to do something similar or even better, we just can’t stop ourselves to find something to criticize.

Yes, it is the fact that grass is greener on the other side and so even if you would have been a part of Hollywood you would have liked Bollywood just like people from other countries do. It’s not that we can’t do it; it is just that we don’t appreciate it.

Give it a thought once and then tell me if you still think Bollywood isn’t growing? You will get your answer and you’ll get to know that we are growing faster than others, it is just that we don’t have an eye to appreciate our growth as we always lookout to appreciate others.

Grass isn’t always greener on the other side but what makes it look better is our appreciation for it and not for our side of the grass.


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